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Arts, Media, Performance & Design at York U

Canada needs creative leaders, thinkers, makers, collaborators and innovators to ignite bold new ideas and devise innovative solutions to global challenges. These are the kinds of leaders we are preparing in York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD).

As a student of cinema, dance, design, digital media, music, theatre or visual arts, you will experience both disciplinary rigour and opportunities to blur the boundaries between the arts and other fields – in the classroom and the studio, online, on stage and on screen. The unique knowledge, skills and experiential education you will gain along the way will set the stage for a rewarding career, and not just in the arts. Creativity, experimentation and innovation are in critical demand across all industries, including engineering, technology, business, health, education and public service.

A degree from AMPD could lead to a rewarding future as an artist, technology developer, curator, activist, arts administrator, policy-maker, teacher, innovation strategist, art director or many other careers.

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