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Science at York U

Science is at the heart of many of society’s biggest challenges today, from energy and the environment to health and security. When you study math, biology, physics, computer science or any of the 13 other programs offered in York’s Faculty of Science, you will gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to transform lives, think critically and uncover new ways of looking at the world and yourself.

What sets York’s Faculty of Science apart is our uniquely collaborative learning environment. Take a deep dive into the subject of your choosing while also engaging with other students and researchers across the disciplines. We offer a wealth of undergraduate research and internship opportunities for students to apply their accumulating knowledge to solve problems and to experience first-hand how the sciences are meaningfully connected.

Your ability to think big will have even bigger consequences. York science graduates are tackling challenges of all sizes as forensic scientists, imaging technicians, technical writers, financiers, analytical chemists, agronomists, environmental scientists, teachers, supply chain managers and more.

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