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Art at York U

The School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) is Canada’s most comprehensive arts school. We use a unique cross-disciplinary approach to support and encourage exploration, innovation and experimentation. Embedded in a major research institution, AMPD gives its students the choice to study concepts in and out of traditional realms of art. Our school houses one of North America’s best-equipped arts facilities, offering cutting-edge tools—like motion capture—to help tomorrow’s artistic leaders create groundbreaking new art forms.

The fields of art, performance, design, media and digital technologies cross the boundaries of all disciplines and sectors, and are rapidly launching new jobs, new fields, new realms and new modes of thinking. You will graduate with the global economy’s most in-demand and vital skill for supporting the trajectory of these industries: creativity.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, expected and otherwise. You could work as a technology developer, artist, curator, activist, policy maker, teacher, arts administrator, innovation strategist, art director and more.

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