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Criminology at York U

The York University honours Criminology program challenges you to dissect, analyze and understand the complex criminal justice issues challenging Canadian society. Our signature cross-disciplinary approach expands the study of criminology to a variety of perspectives, including anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology. Examine the tension and misunderstandings around our criminal justice system. Gain a thorough understanding of contemporary issues—like using retinal scans and other security measures to combat the rise of cybercrime.

Our wide-ranging criminology education expands your knowledge base and develops a series of transferable skills. Sharpen your power for analytical and critical thinking as we challenge you to think laterally across disciplines. This unique skillset will help you distinguish yourself and expand your future academic and professional opportunities.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, expected and otherwise. You could be a human rights advocate, journalist, lawyer, mediator, police officer, public policy analyst and more.

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