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[ Open your mind ]

Problem Solving at York U

Transform your social work education into social action and make a real impact on your community with the New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement (NOISE) program. This hands-on Experiential Education champions learning through social action and civic engagement. Choose a project you are passionate about and work with youth from the Jane and Finch community in Toronto to develop and implement local problem-solving projects—like a basketball tournament that helps bring different communities together. Discover the benefit of multidirectional learning as you collaborate with and learn from faculty, alumni and local youth.

Gain a competitive edge with a social work education that is grounded in real-world experience. Our program helps you understand our community’s socio-economic issues more deeply as you learn to address them. Become a confident and empathetic leader—valuable in any industry.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, expected and otherwise. You could be a family support worker, primary care mental health specialist, probation officer, social worker, guidance counselor, community development worker, youth worker and more.

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