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Your Project at York U

York’s Physics and Astronomy program offers a broad mix of experimental and theoretical learning. Engage in some of the most sophisticated hands-on laboratory experiences in Canada led by our internationally renowned faculty. We offer unique experiential education opportunities to help you further understand and contextualize your research findings. For example, students of all years and majors can learn how to acquire, process and interpret data in our observatory, which is equipped with cutting-edge instruments of astronomy such as the one-metre telescope York will soon be installing, the largest on a Canadian university campus.

Opportunities abound for undergraduate students to participate in world-class research projects. Our research-intensive environment equips you with essential skills for research positions both in and out of academia.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, expected and otherwise. You could be an industrial physicist, photonics scientist, laser technician, imaging technician, work in nuclear medicine, and more.

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