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Liberal Arts & Professional Studies at York U

As a student of one of the largest liberal arts Faculties in the continent, you and our incredibly diverse group of 20,000+ students will have one thing in common; you all know that our degrees give you the opportunity to bridge disciplines, providing the foundation for any number of careers, from neuropsychology and human resources consultant to speech pathologist and diplomat.

What that foundation looks like, though, is up to you. With more than 90 humanities, social science and professional degree and certificate programs, York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) offers a near-limitless array of double major and major-minor degree combinations. They are built on cutting-edge theory and strengthened by internships, study abroad opportunities and experiential education in the community, the workplace or the classroom. York sociology and human rights and equity studies students, for example, recently partnered with a local non-profit to raise awareness of Ebola among local high school students and lobby the federal government to lift Canada’s travel ban.

When you graduate, you will join the 110,000 outstanding alumni who have used their LA&PS degrees as a springboard to unique and interesting careers.

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