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Biophysics at York U

Our elite 4-year Biophysics program brings you into an expanding cross-disciplinary frontier of science in which biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science come together to confront some of the most profound problems in the life sciences. Learn how physics can inform us about the function of living things, and aid in the development and implementation of new methods of investigation—like the use of auditory mechanics to find solutions for tiger conservation or diagnosing deafness in babies. Learn how biological concepts can equally motivate novel developments in physics and engineering. Apply your knowledge in a variety of ways, including summer research and work/study internships, where you can work one-on-one with a professor.

Our program encourages you to apply the powers of lateral thinking to help you better understand how living things function. Graduate with the tools for scientific exploration and innovative problem solving—both crucial for success in related and unrelated fields.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, ranging from pharmaceuticals to fashion. You could be an agronomist, doctor, environmental scientist, radiation scientist, forensic scientist, medical imaging specialist, nanotechnologist, neuroscientist, optometrist, teacher, and more.

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