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Global Health at York U

York’s Faculty of Health is at the forefront of redefining and advancing health. We are stimulating fresh thinking, making new discoveries, and training new generations of connected  and creative leaders to enhance, protect and transform health and health-care systems across the world.

Launched in 2014, the BA and BSc programs in global health are Canadian firsts. Students learn how trade, transportation, climate change, education, human conflict, immigration, food, economics, genetics, biology and more interact to influence health and health care across national borders. This program combines hands-on international work experience with coursework, which allows specializations in areas like e-health, health promotion and disease prevention.

Graduates of this unique and visionary program have the skills, knowledge and confidence to use innovations in policy, evaluation, health-care services, and communication to help identify and solve the most complex and significant health challenges in the world today – and tomorrow.

Open your mind to endless career opportunities, expected and otherwise. You could be a policy developer, health systems manager, researcher, e-health specialist, health promotion specialist, community developer or epidemiologist, or  you could open the door to becoming a doctor, nurse, lawyer or other professional specializing in global health.

Student experiences

Andre Moura

Global Health
@York University

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